Welcome to Listellany. Ever since Moses came down from the mountain, lists have been popular. In fact, “listicle” is probably ancient Hebrew for “the law”. I started compiling them on my blog, and though I would normally try to ban anything that included the word “interactive” I found that people were eager to contribute.

One that prompted a big response was started by Louise Mensch, who was then still the Conservative MP for Corby. She declared that the lyrics of “Supersonic” by Oasis contained the “best opening lines of any song ever”. So I compiled a Top 10. Then I did a Top 10 Most Interesting Politicians, which allowed me to include such unexpected names as Nicola Sturgeon, the deputy leader of the Scottish National Party, who is not boring however much I disagree with her.

Tom Doran, one of my friends on Twitter, controversially declared that “All You Need Is Love” is the Beatles’ “second worst song”. Naturally I had to ask what the worst one was. I thought it might be “Yellow Submarine” or “Paperback Writer”, but Tom put me right. “Across the Universe”, if you must know. Not being much of an expert on the Beatles (I’m a Stones fan), I asked Twitter to nominate the rest of the Top 10 Worst Beatles Songs.

That was the first of a regular feature of Top 10s in the New Review, the Independent on Sunday magazine, in May 2013. Since then, it has run every week. And now the best of them, in some cases expanded to Top 20s and Top 40s, are being published as a book, called Listellany. You can order the book here. You can suggest new Top 10s for me to compile. You can nominate for forthcoming Top 10s. You can join the debate about past Top 10s, adding suggestions that I have missed or disputing nominations already listed.

Join the debate! Do my work for me! Engage in fascinating and pedantic arguments about pop, politics, etymology and architecture! Welcome to Listellany.

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Draham Hudson says:

    I have only just read your book so it is quite likely that my comments are already out of date. I note that with regard to Winston Churchill ” many people don’t know that he set troops on the miners during the general strike”. The reason for this ignorance is that it didn’t happen. In 1910 during the so-called Tonypandy riots he allowed troops to be stationed at Swindon and Cardiff but refused to let them be used. In 1926 he was Chancellor of the Exchequer and in no position to send troops anywhere. His use of the troops is an urban myth but still treated as the gospel truth in some parts of Wales.
    In best British place names I was sorry to see that Pratts Bottom in Kent didn’t make it. I also have this fantasy that Effingham (Surrey) was once called something more basic and at some point the name was bowdlerised. Alternatively perhaps there was once a nearby village nearby called Blindingham.
    I do agree that London’s transport is fantastic. Living in Wimbledon I also benefit from the tramlink.

    All the best,

    Graham Hudson

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