Forgotten Brands

This list started with Gordon Brown mentioning the ‘websphere’ in his post-referendum speech in Scotland. Allen Brown said it was the name of IBM’s webserver software. Andrew Denny said he thought IBM was going the way of Pan Am – a brand name in daily use that everyone has now forgotten…

  1. Berni Inns One of Peter Hitchens’s “ghost brands” in The Cameron Delusion. Nominated by Labour History Group.
  2. ICI Split off drugs and bioscience to Zeneca in 1993, now AstraZeneca; sold off chemicals; remaining paints company bought by Akzo Nobel in 2008.
  3. Woolworths Shops closed 2009. Brand continues as Shop Direct online.
  4. Amstrad I never had a green-screen computer, but I had a PC1512 (two 5¼-inch floppy disk drives) in 1986. Selected by Austin.
  5. Midland Bank Bought by HSBC in 1992 and renamed in 1999. From Adrian McMenamin.
  6. C&A Last British shop closed in 2001, but still operates in much of the rest of Europe and in China. Put forward by Brian Dempsey.
  7. Waddingtons Bought by Hasbro in 1994. From Mark Fraser.
  8. Spangles Boiled sweets made by Mars discontinued in 1984. I liked the acid drop ones. From Mitchell Stirling and Paul Bexon. Graham Thorne’s appeal – “They are not forgotten” – was overruled.
  9. Green Shield stamps Suspended 1983. Revived 1987-1991. Catalogue company had already been rebranded as Argos, 1973. Nominated by Keith Howitt.
  10. Radio Rentals Merged with Granada Rentals in 2000 to form boxclever, which went bust in 2003.

First published in the Independent on 7th December 2014.


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