Odd Pub Names

This list was suggested by Andrew Denny, who started us off with The Bank of England in Manchester. Groarty Dick and Tony Paley nominated The Drunken Duck, Ambleside, adding that a horse of this name was possibly the worst winning ride in the Cheltenham Festival, in 1982.

  1. The Black Bitch, Linlithgow, in West Lothian Robert Hutton nearly went in while reporting on the referendum “and then realised I’d never get the name into a story”.
  2. Long Arm and Short Arm in Lemsford, Hertfordshire Named after an old semaphore signalling device. Nominated by Stian Westlake.
  3. The Who’d Ha’ Thought It, in Rochester, Kent Nominated by Xlibris1.
  4. The Case is Altered, in Bentley, Ipswich As Thomas Matthew Rooke sums up, this is a peculiar one.
  5. The Bees in the Wall, in Whittlesford, Cambridgeshire Great pub, says Mungo.
  6. The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn, in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester Another from Xlibris1.
  7. Poosie Nansie’s, in Mauchline, Ayrshire Said to have been frequented by Robert Burns. Xlibris1 again.
  8. The Bucket of Blood, in Hayle, Cornwall From Maggie Lavan.
  9. The George and Vulture, in Hoxton, north London “Instead of the normal George and Dragon,” says Dave Jackson.
  10. Tigh an Truish, aka The House of the Trousers, in Clachan Seil, Argyle Islanders heading for the mainland stopped here to swap their kilts (banned after Jacobite rebellion). From Bill McInroy.

First published in the Independent on 30th November 2014


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