Tracks Not As Good As Their Intro

This list was suggested by my excellent former colleague Matt Chorley, who launched it with ‘Bump N’ Grind’ by R Kelly; ‘Never Ever’ by All Saints; and the Beatles’ ‘All You Need Is Love’. Someone (David Bright) tried to nominate ‘Gimme Shelter’, by the Rolling Stones, but my power is absolute.

  1. ‘Block Buster!’, The Sweet Nominated by Simon Wilder and Tom Doran, who says that “Block Buster!” is to “Jean Genie” as Poundland is to Tesco.
  2. ‘Two Tribes’, Frankie Goes to Hollywood “It’s a great song but fails to live up to the soaring air-raid/orchestral opening,” says Tim Shipman.
  3. ‘Layla’, Derek and the Dominos “I like the intro and outro but could lose the rest,” says Dave Gilmore.
  4. ‘Rapper’s Delight’, The Sugarhill Gang “Never improves after the delight of the intro rap,” claims Matt Chorley.
  5. ‘Papa Don’t Preach’, Madonna Nominated by Richard Morris.
  6. ‘Spaceman’, Babylon Zoo Paul T Horgan and Emma, who says: “Sounded ace in the Levi’s ad; crushingly disappointing in its entirety on Top of the Pops.”
  7. ‘Seven Nation Army’, The White Stripes Nominated by Lucy Hunter Johnson.
  8. ‘Benny and the Jets’, Elton John Never goes anywhere. From Patrick Hennessy.
  9. ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’, Guns N’ Roses Nominated by Martin and Marianne Talbot.
  10. ‘I Feel Love’, Donna Summer From Rob Warm.

Originally published in the Independent on 7th September 2014.


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