Horrible Buildings

These are mostly British, and indeed many of them are in London, because I stick with what I know and I’ve a few long-standing grudges to settle. Some of these were nominated for last week’s Top 10 Great Buildings, but this is where they really belong.

  1. Preston Bus Station “The Brutalist masterpiece that has always reminded me of a concrete lasagne,” says Conor Pope.
  2. Buckingham Palace “I’ve always found it uninspiring and unkingly,” says Simon Wilder. Matt Prissick and Michael Harris agree.
  3. South Bank Centre, London Suggested by Ned Donovan. All right inside, I accept.
  4. National Library of Kosovo, Pristina Joseph Willits was not sure for which category to nominate this: “Great” or “Horrible”. He loves it; I think it is hideous.
  5. Lock Keeper’s Cottage, Queen Mary University of London
  6. Seeley Historical Library, Cambridge The history faculty library.
  7. University of York Central Hall Nominated by Peter Noble, who adds that, “The whole original campus is pretty bad.”
  8. Kensington Town Hall I have to cross the road with my head turned to one side on my way to work to avoid catching sight of it.
  9. Old Home Office building, now Ministry of Justice, Petty France Nominated by Carl Gardner.
  10. New Home Office building, Marsham Street From the Brutalism of the 1970s to the plasticky tat of the 2000s.



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