Great Buildings

This list was inspired by Tom Wilkinson’s ‘Bricks & Mortals: Ten Great Buildings and the People They Made’, published by Bloomsbury last month. A lovely book that starts with the Tower of Babel and ends with Oscar Niemeyer’s 2010 footbridge to Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro’s biggest favela, which I think is hideous.

  1. The Pantheon, Rome Still the largest unsupported concrete dome in the world, two millennia after its construction, says Mark Wallace.
  2. Rocamadour Medieval monastery in the South of France, built into the side of a cliff. Nominated by Tom Doran.
  3. The Romanian Parliament building Hideous but also sort of impressive, says Daniel Knowles. Started in 1984 and almost finished by Ceausescu’s fall in 1989.
  4. La Mezquita de Cordoba Built as a mosque, converted to a cathedral. From Matthew Knowles.
  5. Cambridge University Library The 15th century building comprises the main University library plus fifteen affiliated libraries. Nominated by David Boothroyd.
  6. King Ludwig’s castle at Neuschwanstein The original for all Disney fairy-story castles. Suggested by Simon Wilder.
  7. King’s College Chapel, Cambridge
  8. St Paul’s Cathedral I know it’s obvious. There is a reason for that. Thanks to Josephine Formby.
  9. Taj Mahal Ditto. From Mark Lott.
  10. Edwin Lutyens’ Liverpool Catholic Cathedral Started in 1933 but never finished; would have been beautiful. Nominated by the Labour History Group.



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