Genuine Shop Names

A letter in a Sunday newspaper recently contested the claim that Junk & Disorderly was the best punning shop name in Britain, claiming the title for a butcher in Tooting called Halal – Is It Meat You’re Looking For. Sadly, there is no such shop. But these are all genuine.

  1. Wok This Way Chinese take-away in Newcastle.
  2. Sun Tan Drews Tanning salon, now closed, in north-east Fife university town.
  3. Curl Up and Dye Hairdresser in many places, including Kingston.
  4. Melon Cauli Greengrocer in Pheasey, Birmingham (the sign also says ‘funeral work undertaken’).
  5. Kumquat Mae Vegetarian restaurant, Sheffield.
  6. Napoleon Boiler Parts Alton, Hampshire. ‘It almost makes us want our boiler to be repaired,’ said Pauline and Bernard Sheridan.
  7. Lawn Order Gardener’s van.
  8. Sellfridges A fridge shop in Stoke Newington, north London, recently closed.
  9. B-Side The C-Side Record shop in Herne Bay.
  10. Maison D’Etre Restaurant, Highbury Corner, north London.

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